Thursday, 27 February 2014

Zombies Vs Aliens Prelude

A kind of proof of concept to help my Development of 'Zombies Vs Aliens'Wanted to see how the characters would move and look and if it would be feasible to do what I hope to do in Zombies vs Aliens.The answer is no it is not.Animation takes ages and If I were to do what I want to do it would probably take 3 years but screw it I'll do it anyways.

The animation is in this seems is have over animated half under animated and the backgrounds aren't the best.I don't know maybe in a few weeks when I look at it with fresh eyes I'll think better of it.It was fun tho and I definitely learned a lot and tried some fairly out of the box type things for me,I think I'm going on the right track anyways and I can only go up from here.

Fun Fact:The part in this where he walks down the corridor past the camera has the same amount of drawings as the rest of this combined if not more.It took almost a month for that part alone but it was my first shot I did so have that was getting the rust of and getting used to the design.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

More Zombie Stuff

I must have the most passive looking zombies ever.I'm not really A zombie fan tho other then the odd george Romero Film and even then its casual.Here is a zombie girl Turn around for 'Zombies Vs Aliens:Prelude:This along with the aliens may change in future for the actual real film but for now I think it should suffice.the line is a bit to clean I think.My pressure tool doesn't really work so all my animations are cleaned with the line tool in flash.It makes them to jagged and sucks a lot of the pencil drawing charm out.Hopefully I'll be able to animate the clean up with a cintique on good computer down the line