Monday, 29 October 2012


Here is just a stage by stage look at something I made yesterday.Still working on the pen tool and learning the best way to use it.Very happy with this drawing,Been paying attention to other artist and what I like about there stuff and trying to take bits and pieces and developing it into my own style.My DBZ influence is still in there,Just cant seem to shake it,must be the hair.I added the abs last minute and I regret it now they look just odd and the colouring I did on them was piss poor.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Stunboy Finished

I haven't coloured in photoshop in a long time and it shows,need to sort this out

Monday, 22 October 2012

StunBoy lineart

My first attempt cleaning my lines with the pen tool, A bit of a failure, I like parts but it's rather sloppy,Finding it hard to get to grips with it, and from the videos of seen of people using the pen tool really fast.....well mine took 6 hours to do these I'm not very fast. Never the less I'm going to keep at it till I get it down.

The character belongs to a friend of mine from deviant art and this is my interpretation of that character

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Pen Tool

In the middle of my first ever attempt using the pen tool to actually clean the line of a drawing.The pen tool has always confused me and I could only dream of being able to do amazing line work as I've seen produced by others......untill now!!!I have no idea what I'm doing and from speed drawings I've seen of people using the tool I'm doing it completely wrong and making it harder then it needs to be but its a learning process and I'm learning.So far I think its the best line work I've ever done and its for a completely random thing I taught I would do for a friend over on dev art.It's given my drawing a certain harm to it and its a very poorly done use of the pen compared to the experts,but hey I'll get there sooner or later. A lot of work the next few days mostly 12 hour shifts but hopefully ill get this up by wed or thursday

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Private/Public/ Bully 1

I asked Mike to do a design for me and he did a couple.Here is one of 2 I am going to use,I pretty much kept mikes complete design except for changing the head shape to fit in with the private and public characters.It has the same flaw as them where its a bit to jagged and pointy but as this is more for reference I think I'll be able to iron that out as well as the P/p designs in the film