Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Town Crier

I got a job offer a couple days ago out of the blue from the town crier magazine.They asked me to update there cartoon mascot to look more like a model they had made of the crier.It ,seemed to go rather well and they have told me they may have more work for me down the line so hurray :D

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back grounds

Not to the exact quality I would prefer but With Such Little time between work I got to make do.I'm still confident I'm Pushing myself.Its basically One room with differn't angles for differn't shots in my film.One or two have become obsolite as I've developed how I would use certain shots,Luckily Its the 2 worst I'll be dropping.Still need to make 5 more.All these I've done over the last 2 and a half days.

        Trying to be put a little more purpose into my work I've done the colours very dull and ugly in comparison to the outside shot.It should also help my characters bright colour pop out more and not distract.I planned lots more posters and school stuff but changed my mind thinking it would be an unnecessary distraction to the caracters.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Zombie's VS Aliens

Zombies vs Aliens, is the title of an idea I've had for a while now.The Idea it's self is generically simple but What I want to do is make it with chalk and a black board. I got my blackboard today and I had forgotten how much fun drawing on a chalk board was.Initially I wanted it to be all in chalkboard but I think It would be cool If I were to draw the zombies and backgrounds with chalk, and draw the aliens and there vehicles in flash.I'm thinking of using this for my masters project but I'm having so much fun with the chalk I may start sooner or at the very least try to animate other stuff with chalk to get to grips.The hardest part will be adding the flash to the chalk board but I'm confident that with a little but of luck, shortcuts and Korean labor, I can get this done.

My first ever animated short made before I started my college course.It was all experimental and I had only 3 chalk boards, a camera, chalk and no animation knowledge or skills as you can see from this.I've come a short way since this so Its time for round 2 I think

Sunday, 3 March 2013

thumbnails for 'Careful Now'

I always find thumbnail work the most tedious Part so Glad I got them done,Better then my usual thumb work,I'm trying to play around with angles more,I've already taught of changes for these but its mostly accurate of whats to come