Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Potential Title Card

I don't usually do my own Tittle cards to be honest,I usually like a different style to the final film but I decided  I didn't want the title cards upstaging me for a third year in a row and to give it a go myself.Probably should have drawn the heads a little more different and closer to the original title cards from the first P and P cartoon I made.Also Tried my best to fight my natural urge and do a Looney Tunes type of title card.This has a circle in it but that's an overall tittle card cliche so I think I'm good

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Run cycle Test

A run Cycle Test.I forgot just how time consuming these things are.Its been like 3 years nearly since I last did a walk or run cycle and I think this is definatly head and shoulders better then the old ones,so yay!!!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Premier Puzzles

Making my learn through doing film I am learning a lot about premier.Rendering at maximum depth generally does nothing and causes a 4 hour or so wait so doing that for the last three years was a mistake,except last year actually but that neither here nor there. I've also learned avi's are a much better way for me to export my animation before putting into premier,For what ever reason quicktime adds a frame here and there and removes ones I really need,Luckily every quicktime I've done so far works ok as there not as action packed as my next few scenes.Still can't get the right export setting for premier but the ones I'm using now only takes 20 to 30 to find out how badly they have worked, which is a marked improvement.I think the Quicktimes have been my down fall, Must be a PC/Mac thing. Anyways here is a screenshot of Stew,Oh Stew :) What are you like

kick up animation

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Alan shot 4

The finished piece from earlier.Pretty happy so far with this and the others in the scene,I Think they play together rather nicely,A big improvement on my second year film.

The turn goes slow in this I only noticed,It has a frame to many here but for the final version I took the extra frame out and he now turns much smoother

Alan Scene Shot 4 test