Saturday, 9 June 2012

Future projects

I have a lot of ideas going forward,I have two film ideas I need to begin developing designs for,I've written scripts and hopefully will record within the next month or so when I can afford recording equipment.I want to make sequels to both my uni films,I've got ideas for both just need to put on paper,My private and public will only take a month or 2 at the most I am hoping but trying to make all these projects same time will no doubt take plenty of time.I also plan on doing a chalkboard animation which i'm developing ideas for also.On top of everything I want to produce more V logs to keep me ticking over and force myself to keep coming up with new material and hopefully promote my writing ideas also. A lot planned but looking forward to doing them over the next year, My plan is to make 2 at a time in junction with the v Logs and chalk animation. I think it is possible,And I will get all done by this time next year

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