Sunday, 15 January 2012

Private and Public in 'Train Molestation'

Tom Is a neurotic little boy waiting for his train home when a stranger sits beside him and invades his personal space.Private,Toms inner taughts expresses how the public Tom Really Feels about his situation but is unable to express out loud.Last years Film Before I begin production on this years movie

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  1. It's a little bit crappy garage band looking back on it but its a learning process and if i did it again i would do it ten times beetter.I was also swamped with a night time job and a day time job and i was doing the orangebox animation job so I took on a bit to much and this suffered for it I think.It was high concept to grasp which didnt help either.But anyways it is what it is,I think it was an achievment to finish considering the situation I had my self in juggling 3 jobs and uni so I am proud of it and heres hoping i just get better,I can only go up from here :)The story is based on something that happed me at a train station where a weird guy who initially seemed ok started talking to me and kept get closer and before i know it he was explaining time travel and showing me crude drawings of him having sex so yea it was weird.I only had a limited amount of time to fit the story so i hope to come back to it one day and do a much better job,