Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why Improv

         I redid my "script" fully once again, part of the problem with improv.My current script only retains traces of the origional script.With each new take I tried to hold on to my favourite lines but as I did more and more drafts I found myself having to drop alot of things I was fond of,The only remaining joke I have was maybe my Duggan suicide gag which survived each incarnation and in lots of versions expanded to be a running joke but then got cut back down for story purposes.I now understand why writers don't like writing exposition and it's proved a problem for me.I wanted a very natural sounding film as I find in most cartoons and movies, characters talk so well and so elagantly it doesn't seem real,you never hear an 'erm' or an 'am' or any line fudged whatsover.Uneducated characters speak with more grace then politicions or spokesmen, only with a traditionally lower class accent to let you know there less educated then the others.
         One of my favourite shows Home Movies for its first series at least would have only an outline of an episode and would just let there actors talk and see what came out and make the show out of that.Even in later seasons they when they had scripts they would let the actors go off track or on tangents and make mistakes and they would keep it in and when you watched the show it felt like exagerated, but real people talking.
         My film has to be under 2 minutes so its hard to let lines breath and jokes kick in. So far it feels like a race to connect everything and move the miniscule plot along and thats with me cheating and going almost 3 minutes instead of 2.I like my current draft and while my first few were rushed I think given time they could have been perfected.7 Minutes to me is a solid time to tell a simple story and make some jokes but its hard to do justice in 7 minutes and even the best stuff has a hard time keeping peoples attentions when we live in a world of quick juvenial fart jokes and jackass shock humour which I'd be lying if I dedn't say I am guilty of enjoying too,Maybe 2 minutes isn't so bad

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