Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kitchen bg

Just a series of lines done in flash,Just needed a kitchen for a quick throwaway gag in my next film


  1. This is great man. real nice! perspective astounds me. My only criticism, and it's a constructive one, is that it might be too perfect. But it really depends what you're going for. Something more loose and less geometric might make it more lively? I'm not sure. You might also be able to lose some of the distinction on the detail too and get away with it. Using coloured lines instead of black outlines might push stuff back a bit. It could further enhance the perspective you've already created and make your characters jump from the BG, like in ol' chucker's toons.. Also take into consideration the focal point of the piece. at the moment I'm drawn to above the sink. the purple table top really catches too. Considering you beat this out and a bunch of other work in one day, that's a feat of man! I love you and I'm sorry if this is all annoying. I just wanna help x

    1. Keep it coming man.I honestly don't lov this to much for reasons you said,basically just drew my referance and line tooled it in flash.I was trying to get a bobs burger look.this is for one tiny shot so I don't know i ill use it or not.I'll do the other bgs first then come back to this,Thanks man keep the constructive stuff comming

  2. Cool stuff mate. If you want to improve your perspective, try sketching your room from different angles (noting the vanishing points etc).