Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I've redesigned Public for the next Private/Public Cartoon.The old style was this forced flash style I was never very comfortable drawing so I've fixed it up to be more in my comfort zone.Biggest challenge was the hair,Starting with the front view it was so difficult to figure out how it would look from differn't angles.The two on the far left were the hardest to figure out,I think I've done it to a level that while it maybe wouldn't be the way it would actually be in real life,It looks good enough that you don't question it.It's also a big step up from the old turnaround which looks ridiculously awful now,I think I'm learning.I like to do 8 angles like this because it just makes it easier long term for certain angles and point of view.I didn't change the design of the clothes much other then he is wearing some weird turtle neck jumper rather then a red hoody,Maybe it will catch on.

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